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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Amy McDuffee is a licensed naturopathic physician in Oregon and the founder of Fresh Healthcare.

Amy grew up in a military family and spent her childhood moving from coast to coast. Every few years she would make new friends and interact with coaches, teachers, and neighbors in a different state.

She learned to relate well with others and took this skill into her first career as a registered dental hygienist (RDH). She graduated from the Fones School of Dental Hygiene at the University of Bridgeport – the first school of dental hygiene in the world. It was there that she spent every appointment with every patient discussing the power of prevention. More bushing + flossing = less cavities and periodontal disease!

But then the provider became the patient… Her experience in the conventional medical system was fragmented and disjointed. Each doctor she saw only looked at a part of her – the endocrinologist measured her hormones, the gastroenterologist looked at her small intestine, the dermatologist evaluated her rash, the surgeon removed her thyroid – but no one seemed to be looking at Amy as a WHOLE person.

After surgery, she took a detour to Northern California where she fell in love with vitamin D, baby goats, and community supported agriculture. Working on a farm showed her the healing power of dirt + vegetables which inspired her to continue her education in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. McDuffee is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine (now National University of Natural Medicine) one of the leading accredited institutions for naturopathic medical education in North America.

In her practice, Dr. McDuffee hopes to use her personal + professional experience to highlight the power of preventive medicine. When she’s not at Fresh, she can be found on her yoga mat, cooking in the kitchen, hiking in the woods, convincing her husband to eat more green vegetables, or laughing at “I Love Lucy.”

“The scars you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit.”

– Jon Acuff


ND – National University of Natural Medicine
BS – University of Bridgeport

License + Certification

Naturopathic Physician – Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers – American Heart Association
Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto Injector – American Red Cross


Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Hypoparathyroidism Association

Research + Publications

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Neussl, A. Mouthguards in the American Hockey League. J Dent Hyg. Vol 82, no 5 (2008), 44.